Can I put Fabric Softener in the Bleach Dispenser? (Solved!)

I understand how good the clothes feel when we add fabric softener to them. Well, who doesn't love the clothes washed with a fabric softener? Adding fabric softener to the clothes is a part of the laundry for many people. Although it is not necessary, but it is beneficial. Fabric softener ...

Can I Keep the Washing Machine in the Bathroom? (Solved!)

You will run across a debate on the internet about where to keep the washing machine. People in some regions say that it is obvious to place washing machines in the kitchen, and this is where it belongs. On the other hand, many people say that why should a washing machine be at a place where I ...

Can Laundry Detergent Freeze? (Solved!)

All of us need to use laundry detergent at our homes. There is usually nothing to worry about it. You can find the expiry date on almost all of those detergents. But the problem arises in winters. Especially if you are living in some really cold country. In freezing weather, it becomes ...

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