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Can I Keep the Washing Machine in the Bathroom? (Solved!)

You will run across a debate on the internet about where to keep the washing machine. People in some regions say that it is obvious to place washing machines in the kitchen, and this is where it belongs.

On the other hand, many people say that why should a washing machine be at a place where I eat and drink?

I am not here to argue on which place is right to keep your washing machine. I will discuss the possibility of keeping a washing machine in the bathroom.

There are times when there is not enough space in any portion of your house to fit the washing machine. If this is the situation with you, you landed in the right place.

This article will answer your question, “Can I keep the washing machine in the bathroom?”. If yes, then how?

Stay with me to the end to know the answer.

Can I keep the Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

A utility room is a great place to keep your washing machine. But unfortunately not every house is equipped well with a laundry room. Therefore, the bathroom is the right place. You can keep your washing machine in the bathroom.

Bathrooms are a prominent place for keeping a washing machine. This is because the plumbing points and electrical sockets are already present there, so you don’t have to put much effort into installing all these things.

However, the bathroom can never be an ideal place for electronics. Since bathrooms are steamy and damp, therefore it is not potentially good for washing machines. But you can keep the washing machine in your bathroom with strict precautions and rules.

Things to consider

It is essential to consider the place in the bathroom where you will be setting the washing machine. Find a place near the socket.

This is important as water spillage can be hazardous. Also, choose a dry place because the metal of the washing machine can rust in damp conditions.

Make sure that the spot where you are going to install the washing machine is safe enough to not be touched by a person who just took a shower.

How to set the Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

If you are looking for some genius ideas on where and how to set the washing machine in the bathroom. Don’t worry. I have gathered some really ingenious spots for setting up the washing machine.

While implementing these ideas, you should be careful with the plumbing system and sockets. If there is not an existing socket, you should install the plug sockets at a good distance from the water source.

Under the Washbasin Counter/Sink

Installing a washing machine under the basin counter is a really smart choice. You don’t need to use any extra space for your washing machine.

Sometimes a machine fits really well under the sink counter that it gives a unique look to your bathroom. If you are still not happy with how your bathroom looks, you can use drapes or curtains to enclose the washing machine.

You can also attach a swing door to the place where the machine is fitted. A sliding door is an excellent choice as it will not encroach upon space.

Inside the Bathroom Cabinets

Washing machines placed in the bathroom do not look pleasing to the eyes. You can fit your washing machine inside the cabinets.

If the existing cabinets are too small, you can remove them and build the cabinets around the washing machine.

This will conceal the washing machine within a given space in your bathroom.

In the Shower Stall

This is one good idea to place both the washer and dryer without consuming lots of space. You can grab some space from the shower stall by making a partition. Stack the washer and dryer over one another.

The space spared above the washing machines can be used as a cabinet where you can keep your laundry supplies. You can hide the washing machine by building a slide or using a curtain.

Select the right size of a Washing Machine according to your Bathroom

It is necessary to have a look at the size of your bathroom before purchasing a washing machine. What’s the point of buying a washing machine when it can’t fit right in the bathroom?

Hence, make sure to get the right size of both the washer and dryer so that you don’t face the problem of fitting them.

Pick a Theme and right color for your Bathroom

For some reason, if you cannot hide the washer and dryer in your bathroom using a door or curtain, you can pick the right theme to compensate for it. Let me explain how.

If your washing machine is in cream color, you should have the cabinets and walls of the bathroom of the exact same color. In this way, the color of your bathroom will sync to the washing machine and give your bathroom a pleasing look.

Clear up extra Furniture from the Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you don’t need to panic. You can make room for the washing machine by removing any extra furniture like cabinets from the bathroom. Some people keep lots of accessories in the bathroom.

If you are one of those, you need to clear up all these things. By removing all the unnecessary stuff, you will be left with ample room to keep your washing machines.


“Can I keep the washing in the bathroom?” is a common question by people with confined apartments. When you don’t have space to place the washing machine elsewhere in the house, the bathroom seems the right place.

You can definitely place your washing machine in the bathroom. But you need to be a lot more careful regarding switches and sockets in the bathroom.

I have gathered some amazing ideas to place a washing machine in a constricted bathroom. If you have a confined bathroom, you should definitely implement the ideas I have shared above.

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