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Can I put Fabric Softener in the Bleach Dispenser? (Solved!)

I understand how good the clothes feel when we add fabric softener to them. Well, who doesn’t love the clothes washed with a fabric softener?

Adding fabric softener to the clothes is a part of the laundry for many people. Although it is not necessary, but it is beneficial.

Fabric softener gives a soft touch and fresh feel to the clothes. I understand that many washing machines do not come with a separate fabric softener dispenser.

In this case, people ask if they can put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser or not. You cannot put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser, and there is a reason for it.

If you were looking to know what a person should do if there is no softener dispenser, then read this article to the end.

You will find your answer and all the confusions related to it.

Can I Put Fabric Softener in the Bleach Dispenser?

When pondering over the question that can I put fabric softener in the bleach, the answer always comes out as NO. This is not a myth; there is a logical reason behind this answer.

Bleach is made up of some vigorous chemicals; therefore, you should avoid letting it come in contact with other detergents and cleaners.

If a fabric softener is poured into the bleach dispenser, some chemicals in the bleach might react with the fabric softener, which will result in the production of Chlorine gas. In case a lot of chlorine gas is produced, it will spread in your laundry and cause suffocation.

If you are thinking of permanently using the bleach dispenser as a fabric softener slot, this is also not a sensible idea. It is because the fabric softener will pile up over time, and if bleach is added to this compartment, it will reach the laundry drum.

On reaching the laundry drum, bleach will cause a lot of damage, which will remain unseen for years.

What Will Happen if I Accidentally Put Fabric Softener In Bleach Dispenser?

An accidental addition of fabric softener in the bleach dispenser will not cause any harm to your clothes or to the washing machine. You don’t need to panic. You only need to wash them once again as the softener won’t cleanse the dirt.

Adding fabric softener to bleach dispenser is harmful in the long run. Chlorine gas produced by the chemical reaction will gradually harm your machine.

But in one single case, you are not causing any harm to your clothes or the machine. The different compartments in the machine are made so that a certain product is used by the machine when necessary.

Fabric Softener Compartment and Bleach Dispenser

Basically, the purpose of a fabric softener compartment is that the product inside will be added to the machine in the last rinse cycle. In the last cycle, all the detergent has been removed, and the washing machine is left with a softener, which is to be used to make the clothes less stiff and full of fragrance.

Similarly, the bleach dispenser will send the product into the machine while the clothes are still being washed. If you have got the fabric softener added to the bleach dispenser in some case, then the softener will go to the machine just in the beginning.

As a result, softener will not remain effective for the clothes anymore as most of the product will be washed off with the detergent.

How to Use Fabric Softener without a Dispenser?

Who doesn’t love to have softness and fragrance in their clothes?

Of course, everyone loves it. But the question here is, how should I use a fabric softener without a dispenser?

Here is how you should do it if you can’t find a dispenser for fabric softener.


Purchase Softener Ball

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  • Dispenses automatically during the rinse cycle.
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This is a really good technique which I personally love to use. For that, you need to purchase a softener ball  which is easily available in supermarkets.

It is a sort of container. You need to fill it with fabric softener and place it into the washing. You have to place it at the beginning of the wash.

These balls are designed such that they will open up at the right time and release the softener. This is one good idea if you usually miss the rinse cycle.


Add the Fabric Softener in the Finishing Cycle

After you have got your clothes completely washed, wait for the finishing cycle. You will add the fabric softener in this rinse cycle, but avoid the direct contact of the softener with the clothes.

As you have added the softener in the last cycle, some softener will remain on the clothes. For that, add the clothes into the water to get it removed.

You need to understand that adding the softener during a wash cycle is a silly act.

Along with the laundry detergent, almost all the fabric softener will be washed away. As a result, you will not achieve the freshness of the clothes which you were looking for.


Use Dryer Sheets instead of Liquid Softener

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Another good option is purchasing some dryer sheets or wool dryer balls. 

This is also a great idea that will give freshness and softness to your clothes without the use of liquid fabric softener.


Add the Fabric Softener on a Rag

You can also pour some liquid fabric softener on a rag and then place it on the dryer.

This method also works, and it even consumes less product.


So can I put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser? The answer is NO! You should not take such a hazardous risk.

If you can’t find the fabric softener compartment in your washing machine, don’t dare to add it into the bleach compartment. This is a risk that can cause much damage to your health and even to the machine.

Fabric softener should be added on the last rinse cycle. This is the best time when it works. If you can’t wait for the cycle, get yourself a softener ball.

There are some alternative methods as well, which are also very handy. Try the most convenient method and stay safe.

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