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Can Laundry Detergent Freeze? (Solved!)

All of us need to use laundry detergent at our homes. There is usually nothing to worry about it. You can find the expiry date on almost all of those detergents.

But the problem arises in winters. Especially if you are living in some really cold country.

In freezing weather, it becomes difficult to store laundry detergent. The question here is, can laundry detergent freeze?

If yes, then at what temperature one should store it?

What are the proper storage conditions for laundry detergents?

You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.

Read to the end to get yourself relieved of the laundry detergent storing problems.

Can Laundry Detergent Freeze?

Liquid detergents can freeze at a really low temperature.

When liquid detergent freezes, it becomes unstable. However, the product is not harmful to use.

You can still use your liquid detergent if it got frozen. You will only see the formation of some clumps. You can get rid of clumping by shaking the bottle of detergent just before using it.

You can even prevent your laundry detergent from clumping by following a simple technique. You can place your soap to air dry overnight.

After it, mix it with powdered ingredients. This will prevent your detergent from clumping.

At What Temperature Does Laundry Detergent Freeze?

The freezing point of water is 0°C, while the freezing point of soap is around -11°C.

This means that if the temperature drops below -11°C, then the liquid laundry detergent can freeze.

The ideal temperature for storing a liquid detergent is 10°C to 26°C. Place in a dry environment to prevent clumping.

Can You Store Laundry Detergent Outside?

You should not store laundry detergent outside.

Powdered detergents

Powdered detergents are sensitive to moisture, so it must be stored in a dry environment.

If powdered detergent is exposed to moisture, it will become hard and will not dissolve with ease.

There are chances that it will plug the dispensers of the washing machine that might degenerate your product.

Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents are made with chemicals and formulations that are very sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Moisture is not a concern in the case of liquid detergents, but temperature can affect its formulations. Liquid detergents are not basically solutions; they are emulsified.

Also, normally detergents start to lose their effectiveness within a year or two, but if the detergent is exposed to really high temperatures for a long time, then it will start to lose its functionality in a much short time.

Therefore, it is better to store detergent inside at a temperature that is not too hot or not too cold.

Proper Storage Conditions for Laundry Detergents

There are a number of conditions for storing laundry detergents. You should place the detergent in the right place.

Keeping the detergents away from children is also necessary, which can be hazardous otherwise. Storing laundry detergent in a safe place is really important.

Laundry detergents are manufactured in different states. These are solid, paste, and liquid. Generally, solid detergents are used, which are in powdered form.

I have gathered some essential tips regarding laundry detergent storage.

Powdered Detergents:

Dry Environment

It is crucial to keep the powdered detergents in a dry environment away from moisture.

I would stress the word ‘moisture’, as it will harden the product.

Hardened powder detergent does not dissolve easily and might cause damage by causing the plug to the dispensers of the laundry machine.


The other essential condition is a stable temperature.

Although powdered detergents are not much sensitive to temperature, there are still some ingredients in them that are mixed with liquid detergent or contains moisture.

That is why storing powdered detergents at a low temperature will harden the product over time. However, low temperature does not affect the functionality of detergents.

Perhaps in a high temperature, the product is exposed to a less oxygen environment. As a result, the detergent will lose its effectiveness and become less effective in stain removal.

The ideal temperature to store powdered laundry detergent is 10°C to 26°C in a clean and dry environment.

Make sure the place where you are storing it does not contain moisture.

Liquid Detergents:


Liquid detergents are not sensitive to moisture; this means they can be placed in a wet environment.

But liquid detergents are really sensitive to temperature, especially high temperature. Although liquid detergents can get frozen in a really low temperature, it doesn’t lose its functionality.

However, at low temperatures, the components of liquid detergent separate, and the product destabilizes.

Therefore, the ideal temperature to store liquid detergents is 10°C to 26°C. It doesn’t matter if the place is damp or dry.


Powdered detergents are not usually sensitive to temperature. It is liquid laundry detergents you should pay more attention to.

For your question, can laundry detergent freeze? The answer is yes, in the case of liquid detergent only.

Placing the detergents in a cool and dry place will keep them last longer.

The liquid detergent will last longer if placed in an airtight bottle at 10°C to 26°C.

On the other hand, powdered detergents should be placed in a dry environment within the same temperature range as liquid detergents.

The container you are choosing also plays an essential role in the storage of detergent. It is good to use lidded enamel bins for powdered detergents.

For liquid detergents, use airtight glass containers.

Store your laundry detergents the right way to keep them long-lasting.

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