Carpet Extractor vs Shop Vac – Which One To Choose?

Carpets get dirty really quickly. As they are made of thin fibres with a lot of turning and twisting, the dirt gets incorporated in those turns, which is really difficult to remove. A normal vacuum cleaner removes the dirt from the surface only. To clean those fibres, deep cleaning is necessary. ...

6 Best Carpet Cleaning Pre-Sprays In 2021

Although the carpet cleaning solution does its job really well, if you are actually willing to make the carpet clean as new, then you should be ready to spend a little on a pre-spray. A pre-spray is really beneficial in cleaning the carpet thoroughly. Spraying it on the entire carpet and then ...

Steam Cleaner vs Wet Vac – Which One Is Better?

A steam cleaner and a wet/dry vac are both fantastic for carpet cleaning. Also, you don't need to have certain skills to use them. They are relatively easy to use like any ordinary vacuum cleaner. When it comes to choosing one among them, it becomes difficult. It will be hard to choose for ...

Wet Dry Vac vs Carpet Cleaner – What’s The Difference?

Everyone is concerned about keeping their carpets clean, but cannot find the right cleaner to perform the task. Although simple vacuum cleaners do the job, that cleanliness is never up to the mark, especially when liquid spills on the carpet. I will help you find the right solution to this ...

6 Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress in 2021

You spend most of the time in your bed. If not a lot, then at least eight hours a day. Do you think that washing blankets and bedsheets are enough to keep your bed clean? That is not the case. You need to get your mattress deep cleaned to make it safe for sleeping. You might not know, but your ...

Mop vs Swiffer – Which One Is Better?

The dirtiest part of a family home is the floor. Sometimes the floor becomes so filthy that it seems like a task to clean it. We need to work differently to keep different surfaces clean. Although the task doesn't seems complicated, you need to know cleaning tools to produce better results. You ...

Steam Cleaner vs Pressure Washer – Which One To Choose?

If you are looking for a way to keep your home, or your property clean, there are many tools available to you. Fully cleaning your home or business space takes a lot of work, though. So, you want to get the best equipment for cleaning. In this post, I'll be discussing both steam cleaners and ...

Can I Use Laundry Detergent In A Carpet Cleaner? (Solved!)

I understand the comforts of carpet in the house, and I equally understand the struggle of keeping it clean. Indeed keeping the carpets clean is a daunting task. We all know that vacuum doesn't give the results we all desire. Deep cleaning the carpet is really necessary, especially if you are ...

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