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9 Most Asked Questions On Where To Put A Dishwasher

Dishwashers are an important household item for any homeowner. These devices help you clean your dishes and silverware efficiently and quickly. They also help save you money and make life a lot easier.

Still, where is the best place to put your dishwasher? And, what location should you not place your dishwasher in?

Throughout the course of this post, I will go over which locations you can place a dishwasher in.

There are many potential spots in your home that you might want to put a dishwasher. Either to save space or for your own convenience.

The information in this article will help you find the best possible location for your dishwasher.

So, definitely keep reading to find out more about which dishwasher locations are best for you!

Does Your Dishwasher Need to be Next to Your Sink?

Putting your dishwasher next to your sink is probably one of the most popular locations for a dishwasher.

In this spot, you can easily transfer dirty dishes from your sink to your dishwasher. You can also rinse and clean dishes in your sink and place them in your dishwasher easily.

And, you won’t have to move around a lot. Best of all water line is closer to your dishwasher and can more easily be hooked up. In short, this is one of the most ideal locations to place a dishwasher.

Still, do you need to put your dishwasher next to your sink?

The answer to this question depends. For the most part, you don’t have to have your dishwasher next to your sink. You can even put your dishwasher several feet away from your sink.

In fact, in some homes, it might not be possible to put your dishwasher right next to the sink. Some people have to put their dishwasher across from their sink.

This could be because of the dimensions of your sink area or some other plumbing or water line issue. On the same note, in some rare cases, you might have to put your dishwasher right next to your sink.

Most homes won’t make it that hard to put a dishwasher in any location you want. But in older homes, because of the waterline, you might have to put your dishwasher right next to the sink.

Can You Put Your Dishwasher next to The Refrigerator?

So, you do not have to put your dishwasher right next to your sink.

But, can you put your dishwasher next to a refrigerator, or is this impossible?

Putting your refrigerator next to your dishwasher is a possible option. But, I would not recommend this placement for several reasons.

It is not a dangerous setup, by any means. However, dishwashers do produce a lot of heat and this could lead to issues in your kitchen.

And, you don’t want to have excessive amounts of heat next to your fridge, especially not near your freezer. Dishwashers also create a lot of humidity, as well. This can be bad for your refrigerator.

In addition, some home experts say that having a refrigerator next to a dishwasher could make it more difficult.

Your refrigerator will have trouble releasing humidity and condensation. This could cause your refrigerator to malfunction in the future.

Can You Put Your Dishwasher on Top of a Washing Machine?

This may seem like a weird question, but some of you might be wondering whether you can put your dishwasher on top of your washing machine.

The answer to this question is yes. This might seem like an odd setup, but some people do have a stacked washing machine and dishwasher.

Mostly, this is done to save room in a home or apartment. But you want to be careful and make sure that you do this carefully.

Make sure that either of your two appliances is not too heavy. And if they are, get a stacking kit to help offset the weight and keep your machines stable.

In addition, if you decide to go this route, make sure that your dishwasher can drain properly!

Can You Put a Dishwasher in The Corner?

The answer to this question is yes. It is entirely possible to place your dishwasher in a corner of your home.

Maybe you don’t have space next to your sink, or you want your dishwasher to be more out of sight. You might not want to have to take up space or block people in the kitchen when you do dishes.

Whatever the reason may be, this is a possibility for you.

Still, there are a few things to consider with this placement. First off, size is a big problem. You don’t want a hulking dishwasher just hanging around in your home.

If you have a big home any size dishwasher will be fine. But if you have a smaller place, I would suggest getting a smaller unit. This will help keep your home clean and less cramped.

Also, consider the needs of your dishwasher. You want to make sure that you are close enough to a water line. And, your dishwasher needs to be able to drain properly.

So, keep this in mind. If you can hook up your dishwasher and it can drain, then placing it in the corner should not be an issue at all!

Can You Put a Dishwasher Under a Cooktop?

You might be tempted to put your dishwasher underneath your cooktop. Maybe you don’t have enough room near your sink area.

Or maybe your dishwasher would be easier to reach under a cooktop. However,

I cannot recommend placing your dishwasher in this location. In fact, it could be highly dangerous to combine these two kitchen appliances.

Cooktops already generate a ton of heat. And, when you add in the heat created by your dishwasher, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Your appliances can handle the heat. But the combined temperature increase could be disastrous for other nearby kitchen appliances, as well as, your countertops.

In addition, consider the moisture that comes from your dishwasher. You won’t want steam and/or any type of moisture to reach your stove or cooktop.

So, overall this is not an option you should try.

Can You Put Your Dishwasher in a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are a great location to place your dishwasher actually. You can save room, and create a more spaced-out look in your kitchen.

Of course, you want to make sure that your kitchen island has the right amenities. It needs to have the room to hold a dishwasher, and it needs to have access to plumbing and electricity, of course.

But, other than this, it is entirely possible to have a dishwasher within a kitchen island.

Still, consider that you will have to cut out space in your kitchen island. This isn’t easy to do. You have to exactly measure your dishwasher and make sure it will fit into this space.

So, definitely get a professional to help you with this!

Can You Put Your Dishwasher up Against The Wall?

Yes, you can put your dishwasher up against the wall. But you want to be careful when you do this.

Make sure that you measure out the dimensions of your dishwasher. This way it does not scrape against other nearby furniture and appliances.

In addition, you want to make sure that your dishwasher can be hooked up to power and water. This way it will run properly.

Really, as long as you have space, and have planned this location placement out you can put your dishwasher in this spot!

I would suggest putting a little cushioning against your wall thought to protect it from scratches and humidity!

Can You Put Your Dishwasher in The Garage?

Putting your dishwasher in your garage is another option. Though, this is a very unconventional option. Some people like to have an extra dishwasher in their garage to wash their tools.

But you can have your dishwasher in this area for other reasons, as well. Maybe you are trying to save space or just want your dishwasher out of your small kitchen.

Regardless, it is possible to have a dishwasher in this area of your home. But, like some of the other options, there are some things you need to consider.

You need room to put your dishwasher here. You also need power and water to hook up to your dishwasher.

More importantly, though, drainage can be an issue. You don’t want your dishwasher leaking into your home or into your yard.

So, make sure that you can drain your dishwasher properly in this area of your home.

Some smaller countertop dishwashers can be drained manually, so this could be a good option for your garage. But, just consider all of this as you think about putting your dishwasher in the garage!

Can You Put Your Dishwasher on its Side?

Finally, you might be wondering whether you can put your dishwasher on its side.

While you are transporting your dishwasher, it is perfectly safe to have it on its side. In fact, this will help make it easier to get the dishwasher into your car. It will also make it easier to move into your house.

However, once you have got your dishwasher in your house, you will want to put it upright again. This is because you need the oil in the motor of your device to spread and properly settle.

So, you can put your dishwasher on its side during transport, but make sure that you place it upright afterwards.

I would say for at least two hours it should be kept upright. And, never run your dishwasher when it is on its side. This could lead to major damage.

There is a reason that your dishwasher was designed to stay upright!


I talked about some of the best locations to place your dishwasher, throughout this post. Really, there are a lot of different options to consider for your home or apartment.

But, you want to pick a location that is just right for your dishwasher and your home. Consider where your water line is above all else. You need access to water to get your dishwasher running.

And, consider the dimensions of the area you want to place your dishwasher in. Your unit needs to be able to drain itself and run properly in whatever location it is placed.

In addition, consider all the information I shared. You don’t want to place your dishwashers in certain places.

For instance, putting your dishwasher near your refrigerator is not advised. Still, overall, you have a lot to think about.

So, read over this article again before you install your dishwasher! And, hopefully, this information was useful and will help you when you place your dishwasher in your home!

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