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7 Most Asked Questions about Robot Vacuums

If you are stuck in a busy working routine and do not get the time to deal with your house chores, a robot vacuum is an excellent choice.

If you are still unaware of this amazing invention, then trust me, you are missing a lot. Not only are these vacuums time-saving, but robot vacuums are also energy-efficient.

They are usually programmed to clean the room. You set it, and it will do all the tasks. These vacuums are suitable to clean almost all types of carpets and floors.

In this article, I will answer the seven most frequently asked questions about robot vacuums. The answer will be detailed as to eliminate all your confusions about these vacuums.

Let us get into it.

Can Robot Vacuums go Over Threshold?

Yes, robot vacuums do go over a threshold. However, how large a threshold does it goes over depends upon the vacuum you have.

Most robot vacuums do not go over a threshold of 1″ while there are other vacuums, which transition over to 5/8″ during the cleaning cycle.

The capacity of a robot vacuum can vary in different models for going over a threshold, but it is true that these vacuums transition easily.

Also, they can get stuck if a threshold is quite high, but after a number of attempts, these vacuums can go over it.

How Long Should a Robot Vacuum Last?

It depends upon the brand of your robot vacuum cleaner. How well you maintain the vacuum also signifies its life span.

Normally, a good robot vacuum cleaner of a well-known brand lasts from 2 to 5 years.

The robot vacuums can be used once or twice per day. Anything more than that can probably decrease its life expectancy. However, if you maintain the vacuum really well, its life span can increase up to 6 years.

Do not ever risk buying robot vacuums from unknown brands. The low price can fool you, and their products do not last really long.

Do Robot Vacuums Work on High-pile Carpets?

Robot vacuums are made to clean rugs, floors, tiles, carpets, and almost everything.

But they are not meant to clean the carpet of all types.

Robot vacuums are made to clean low-pile carpets. They usually do not work on high-pile carpets.

However, if you have carpets with long and loose fibers, it is better to be watchful before buying the robot vacuum for your home. Not many, but some robot vacuums are available in the market that works on high-pile carpets.

Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are considered the best in this regard. If you have high-pile carpets, you can trust their vacuum blindfolded as their robot vacuums do not damage thick carpets.

Can You Use a Robot Vacuum without Wi-Fi?

Almost all the available robot vacuums can be controlled using an app, made especially to move the vacuum.

However, it is not a necessity to use these robot vacuums with an app over Wi-Fi.

By simply pushing the “Clean” button on the robot vacuum will get it to work. You will only need to adjust the settings according to your needs and preferences.

Though it is possible to get the robot vacuum to work by adjusting it manually, it is recommended to regulate it using a mobile app.

This will provide you with regular updates and allow the robot vacuum to perform efficiently. However, you should see the manual as this condition can vary for robot vacuums of different brands.

How Often Should I Clean my Robot Vacuum?

To ensure the long-life span of your robot vacuum, you should clean it often. Robot vacuums do not have a large bin like other vacuums.

It contains a small plastic bin where all the dirt and debris gather. Therefore, it is important to clean it more often for the efficient working of a robotic vacuum.

It is recommended to empty the bin of vacuum after every three or four cycles.

However, the filter should be cleansed almost regularly. To ensure better performance, it is suggested to change the filter after five to six months.

Should I Buy Extended Warranty on Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are usually programmable, not all of them, but most of the vacuums are. Once you schedule the time, they can go and clean the whole house without any supervision.

Robot vacuums contain sensors that help them learn the whole layout of your house. This is why any hurdle like furniture cannot stop them. Even if a new obstacle comes in their way, these vacuums can detect it and then avoid that path.

Since robot vacuums can be programmed and do not need much supervision, they can save your time.


Indeed, robot vacuum cleaners are quite better than the normal ones in many cases. However, it does have some cons in addition to so many pros.

Focusing on the benefits, robot vacuum cleaners are handy and consume less space. Unlike conventional vacuums, they can clean those areas profoundly where a normal vacuum cannot reach. These are ideal for people who have many pets that shed their hair all year long.

I have answered some of the frequently asked questions about robot vacuums in detail. I hope your head is now clear with all those confusions.

If you have already decided to give this product a try, then what are you waiting for? Give it a go. It is worth having at home.

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